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PBT Tasting Cup

Adorable and vibrant tasting cups, available with a hanging rope, perfect for participating in market events, tea, wine, and coffee exhibitions, or even for personal use during outdoor camping.

Lightweight and easy to grip, it won't add extra weight when hanging on your body.

With a capacity of 90ml / 3oz, it is more than sufficient for holding tasting samples.
Suitable for daily use as a small cup, it allows for savoring beverages with elegance.

About PBT

Material that mimics porcelain, with high strength, high hardness, and lightweight properties.
It complies with the standards of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and has also passed inspections in the European Union, ensuring safe packaging of food.

In comparison to PP (polypropylene), PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) is more robust and less prone to deformation.
Under the same heating conditions, it exhibits higher heat resistance and resistance to acids and alkalis compared to other plastics.

Moreover, PBT material is more easily decomposable than other plastics, making it an environmentally friendly material choice for the Earth.

Your Unique Straps

Tasting cups paired with a hanging rope not only enhance practicality but also add a touch of fun, increasing visibility.

Product Specifications

Capacity: 90ml
Material: Food Grade PBT
Dimension: L77x W58 x H57mm
Weight: 50g (only cup)

【Sheep Mai Mai】PBT Tasting Cup

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