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[Reiwa Kobiki Series]A series that creates a moist and calming Japanese dining table.


[Recommended uses]Perfect for serving as a main dish for one person or as a side dish to share.

■ Width : 22 x 22cm
■ Height : 2.9cm
■ Weight: Approx. 409g

 Production area: Japan
 Material/component:Porcelain/Mino ware (Made in Japan)
 Package: No individual box

Reiwa Kobiki plate

  • ■ Due to the characteristics of the product, there may be uneven coloring, irregular patterns, some wobbling, and small scratches that are unavoidable due to the manufacturing process, but products that meet the manufacturer's and our company's quality standards are considered good products.

    ■ The photography accessories shown in the product image are not included.
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