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The body of the grinder is made of PP and ABS resin, featuring a matte finish and a metal handle. It utilizes a CNC stainless steel grinding core with dual bearings to ensure a stable central axis and uniform grinding. The powder container has a capacity of approximately 20g. With a weight of only about 300g, this grinder is convenient to carry for work or outdoor camping to brew cup coffee.

◆ Blade: 38mm stainless steel (conical burr)

◆ Capacity: 20g

◆ Body: PP

◆ Weight: 307g

◆ Colors: Black/White/Green/Yellow

◆ Lightweight casing / Adjustable knob

Grinding fineness reference (for reference only)

Adjustable according to personal preference

For Italian Moka Pot: Recommended grind setting 15-18 (similar to table salt)

For Pour-over coffee: Recommended grind setting 20-22 (similar to fine granulated sugar)

For French Press: Recommended grind setting 25-28 (similar to coarse granulated sugar)

Minos Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

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