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CT62 dripper has won the German Design Award 2023. It was also being used and won 1st place during the 2023 CBrC (China Brewers Cup).

CT62 Filter Cup: Innovative Design for Optimal Coffee Extraction


The CT62 Filter Cup is a revolutionary coffee brewing accessory designed by Mr. Hu Yuanzheng. It incorporates a unique original groove pattern within the cup, which has been extensively tested to achieve the optimal even extraction flow rate. This design minimizes the risk of excessive caffeine extraction, resulting in bitter, astringent, or sour flavors, while preserving the aromatic qualities and taste of the coffee.


The filter cup features a matte glaze finish on the outside, with a subtle white porcelain base color. Its sharp edges and transparent three-dimensional structure are achieved through an inverted firing process, where the glaze gradually thickens from top to bottom, creating an elegant gradient effect reminiscent of a thin layer of soft snow on mountain peaks. This design concept inspired the name of the filter cup, "山文62" (Shanwen 62) or "CT62."


The CT62 Filter Cup boasts three key characteristics:


1. Smooth Extraction Flow: The internal positioning of the inner ring in relation to the shape and depth of the cup's bottom ensures a smooth flow rate during extraction.


2. 62-Degree Angle and 24 Grooves: The 62-degree angle of the cup, combined with the distribution density of 24 grooves, enables highly efficient and uniform coffee extraction.


3. Compatibility with Various Pouring Techniques: The cup's design allows for compatibility with a wide range of pouring techniques, ensuring even extraction from a central point to a larger concentric circle.


The CT62 Filter Cup revolutionizes the coffee brewing experience, providing an optimal extraction process that enhances the flavor and aroma of the coffee.Fits with 01 size cone-shaped filter.

Taster's Coffee | CT 62 Dripper with stand

£68.00 Regular Price
£58.00Sale Price
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