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HARIO's pastel style is unprecedented; it defies convention by utilising unconventional materials and colours and uplifts your spirits with fresh hues!


The Japanese Hario V60's rib design offers a wider range of brewing possibilities. It doesn't matter if you use a V60 filter cup, a smart filter cup, or steam to keep water in and enhance the aroma. With its self-operating design, you may press the switch up to stop coffee drips or down to let the coffee flow out.


◆Dimensions: Length 118 mm × Width 115 mm × Height 133 mm / Diameter: 115 mm

◆Weight: 500 g

◆Material: magnet, silicone, PCT resin, stainless steel

◆Origin: Taiwan

◆Capacity: 200ml

Hario V60 Immersion Dripper Switch- Pastel Limited Edition

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