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Eighty per cent of the mixed pulp of Manila hemp (Musa textilis), which grows quickly and is resistant to weather and insect damage, goes into making Sanyo ABACA Coffee Filter paper.

Large-scale production of manila hemp is possible without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilisers. It doesn't harm the environment and uses less forest resources when utilised as a raw material for filter paper rather than wood.

Compared to regular filter paper, the fibre of ABACA filter paper is stronger, has greater liquid permeability, and has good support.

minimises the clogging of fine powder during brewing, enabling improved control and a clear flavour in the coffee.

Origin: Japan
Number of pieces per pack: 100
Details: For one or two persons
Material: ABACA Hemp Fibre / Paper Pulp

CAFEC Abaca Coffee Filter Paper Size 101

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